Trusted Managed Services Provider

Our vendor-neutral Managed Service Programme (MSP) approach leverages a vast supplier network to source the best talent and statement-of-work (SOW) projects at competitive fee rates while managing compliance risks. Having worked with some of the largest global brands, PRO’s MSP team has the experience and expertise to build and manage best-in-class contingent workforce programmes.

Key MSP Services

PRO’s MSP team partners with companies to manage the entire lifecycle of their global contingent workforce. Employing a purely vendor-neutral approach, PRO serves as an intermediary between suppliers and clients. This ensures that our clients get top-quality talent at competitive market rates

Business Outcomes

Enterprise clients of PRO achieve a full appreciation and visibility into non-employee recruitment spend, risk, and management. Our total talent management methodology gives organisations the ability to make evidence-based business decisions that result in cost savings and containment, risk management and migration, and improved talent quality.

Business Experts

The PRO MSP team serves as a one-stop recruitment services portal that addresses all non-employee-related programmes. Leveraging a breadth of business expertise, our consultants provide everything from extensive legal, finance, compliance, and practical guidance, to far-reaching knowledge of domestic and international tax and regulatory governance.

Professional Third-Party Payrolling Services

Relying on third-party services for payrolling has become a mainstay in contingent workforce management. Managing the risks and costs is something organisations opt to outsource to third-party providers. PRO recognised this need and pioneered the development of professional payrolling services.

The need for third-party payrolling services for a range of different workers (independent contractors, freelancers, temporary staff, and other professional talent) has grown in magnitude. PRO’s MSP team knows what is required when it comes to these professionals. As a result, PRO Unlimited provides contingent workforce management services to our clients, including payrolling services for contingent workers who are engaged as temporary workers and provide services for our clients’ businesses – businesses that span a variety of locations and industries. Our gender pay gap report was calculated to include our contingent worker population, which constitute the vast majority of our employee population in the United Kingdom.

By engaging PRO for professional third-party payrolling services, organisations are able to:

Ensure proper risk managagement

Manage risk when recruiting, sourcing, and managing non-employee workers. PRO Unlimited has been effectively managing risk with our clients for over 26 years.

Easily manage time and expenses

Ensure an efficient and easy way to manage timecards, expenses, SOW projects, etc. Our groundbreaking Wand VMS makes time and expense management simple to track.

Recruit the best talent to your programme

Recruit and retain high-calibre non-employee workers. PRO's multi-channel sourcing approach ensures you have the best talent in your programme.

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