The VMS for the Modern Workforce

Wand, PRO Unlimited’s vendor management system (VMS) platform, is an omnichannel solution that is simple, easy to use, and highly robust. Wand delivers a comprehensive solution for all of the different stakeholders in the contingent workforce ecosystem, including HR and procurement leaders, department heads, managers, workers, and suppliers.

Consumerised End User Experience

Based on design principles found in some of the most innovative B2B and B2C applications in the marketplace, Wand was built from the ground up. The Web‐based version provides all contingent workforce stakeholders with comprehensive capabilities that can be assessed in less than three clicks.

SaaS‐based, Omnichannel System

Because Wand is a cloud‐based platform, its omnichannel user experience is fully integrated. Data is synchronised across all devices — Web, mobile, tablets, and wearable. As a result, users can seamlessly transition between their different devices when using Wand.

Interactive BI and Total Talent Solutions

Wand Discovery gives power users the ability to get from programme data to the transactional data in just 3 clicks. The dashboards are interactive, which allows you to instantly and dynamically change the reports and see the results in real time.

Award-Winning Wand Mobile and Wand Tablet Apps

PRO Unlimited created the WAND Mobile VMS and Want Tablet applications from the ground up, as true native apps for iOS and Android. The result is the industry’s most robust mobile VMS application, providing users with familiar swipe & tap navigation elements with user interface features only found on true mobile applications.

True Mobile VMS Apps

Wand Mobile VMS is a true mobile, or native application for the iOS and Android. This enables Wand Mobile to utilise the rich functionality that the phones offer, such as swiping, tapping, date pickers, and the phone’s built in camera to deliver a second-to-none end user experience.

One Cloud Based System

Wand Vendor Management System is an omni‐channel solution, meaning you can seamlessly jump between mobile, web, and tablet with no need to sync data across platforms. All data is updated in realtime, across all platforms.

Carry Out the Full Contingent Workforce Lifecycle

Wand Mobile and Wand Tablet are the industry's most comprehensive VMS applications. Managers and Workers can carry out the entire contingent workforce lifecycle from these devices, incuding creating new requests, comparing candidates, scheduling interviews, approving time and billing, and much more...

Secure and Easy to Integrate

Wand Vendor Management System was built with an open cloud architecture, and has been integrated with every major ERP/HRIS or 3rd party system. Wand also has world class security features, and is fully SAS‐70/SSAE‐16 compliant, as well as WhiteHat security certified and a member of the Cloud Security Alliance.

Wand VMS integrations extend beyond ERP systems to encompass various other systems. Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) and IT Service Support Management (ITSSM) systems are two that important to note. In the case of PPM, project plans and details are maintained in the PPM system, while the VMS integrations are used for budget management and workforce management. For ITSSM, the Wand VMS integraons enable worker on‐boarding and off‐boarding and the ITSSM serves as the system of record.

Total Workforce Intelligence

With the Wand Discovery module, users have the ability to generate reports and analytics on their contingent workforce programmes, as well as drill down into the details to provide them with workforce intelligence and business insights. Visual representations quickly and easily guide them from programme data to transactional data in just a few clicks. Dashboards are interactive, giving users the ability to change the reports and results they see in real time. For users seeking to create highly customised dashboards, PRO’s managed service provider (MSP) programme team works with each client to fine‐tune their dashboards to show the necessary progamme information they require.

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